Hello! I am River DeLiso and welcome to DeLisoPhoto!

The name DeLisophoto was re-vamped from the 90’s, this was the name of my first photography business/website, way back! It is my last name + photo. DeLisoPhoto, was actually the first website I built, back when I ran a portrait and wedding photography business in Woodinville, WA, just East of Seattle.

So… a little about me and my photography…

If you did the math… the 90’s were a long time ago now! I have been shooting since I was 11, with my first official 6×6 Rolle my father gave me. That was the catalyst for my now 25+ year career. Funny how you can trace it back to a single moment or event. I started making extra money in my late teens and by the time I was in my 20’s I had gone pro, doing portraits, events and eventually weddings and commercial shoots. What I really wanted to do was wildlife and landscape and work for National Geo… yep… get in line!!! But in my own way, I got to do that, not working for actual National Geographic, but photographing whales, dolphins and marine life while working as a marine naturalist . My images and other photographers, helped researchers track movements of whales, and helped identify grays, orcas and sometimes humpbacks in the Puget Sound and Baja. Then when landing here in the Rockies, my focus turned to Grizzly bears, Elk, Wolves and the cycle of life here in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. But before all that, I had a busy photography studio, for many many years… in Woodinville, WA, just across the bridge from Seattle, WA. I did portraits, weddings, events, food and product and had a great and fun career. I of course started with film, moved to digital and was even a beta tester in Seattle for the first digital software put out by Fuji. This was before Lightroom existed!!! So I have seen and done a lot in my long photo life.

After meeting my husband Flash (Clay),  another life changing moment… and following a wild hair that brought us to the Teton’s and eventually Montana. Together we started a ranch photography business a the Diamond P Ranch, MT and one other up in Teton Village, WY. We started in 2007 there.. summers only and hit the road traveling doing equine portrait and events in winters down south.  We have been doing portraits at the Diamond P Ranch in West Yellowstone for over 15 years now,  and I still offer that service today… one of my favorite places to shoot!

With my husband Flash, we own and operate Troutwater Designs https://www.troutwaterdesigns.com, designing and printing wildlife & nature themed mugs, towels, placemats etc, and Skeeter Skat, all natural chemical free mosquito repellent https://www.skeeterskat.com You may have met us at one of our summer/fall art shows in SW Montana, where we call home. I exhibit my wildlife and nature photography under Troutwater Designs at our shows for now, but we split off my photography onto it’s own website, to better show off my work and to have more web bandwidth to work with. I love that I can shoot and sell my images at art shows in summers, and online in my web-shop the rest of the year.  Our fun and exciting business Troutwater, is fairly seasonal, as is Skeeter Skat and there is plenty of time for me to do some of my favorite photography jobs besides portraits. I also love doing food and product photography. I have recently renovated my home photography studio to be able to do more studio work.

What’s my very favorite thing to photograph??? Whatever I am doing at that moment, becomes my favorite thing to shoot! I look forward to your project whether it’s your product you make or sell, food at your restaurant, portraits of you and your family or horse or dog… and  of course, it warms my heart whenever someone chooses one of my wildlife or nature or western images for their home or office. With all the competition out there, I am very grateful and thankful when someone chooses my work to decorate their space.

Thanks for reading!




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