Hello! I am River DeLiso and welcome to DeLisoPhoto! With my husband Flash, we own and operate Troutwater Designs, designing and printing wildlife & nature themed mugs, towels, placemats etc. You may have met us at one of our summer/fall art shows in SW Montana. I will still be exhibiting my photography under Troutwater Designs at our shows for now, but we split off my photography onto it’s own website, to better show off my work and to have more web bandwith to work with.

the name DeLisophoto was re-vamped from the  90’s, this was the name of my photography business/website, back before I met Flash (Clay). So we resurrected DeLisoPhoto, as it was actually the first website I built, back when I ran a portrait and wedding photography business in Woodinville, WA, just East of Seattle.

So… a little about me and my photography…..

more soooooon

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