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Equine portraits are a specialty for myself and husband Flash.

We traveled the West, doing exclusively, Equine portraits and events for years. We photographed, Jumpers, Dressage and even Gymkhanas and Barrel racers. We worked with horses that cost more than your car, and often more than a home! (in some places). This was a unique time in our lives as we lived on the road, following the horses and “horse season”. We spent time and had clients in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

*Equine Portrait Gallery Link: https://delisophoto.com/portfolio-category/equine-portraits/

We still offer Equine portraits, but now, only locally. If you have horses at home, we can come there to shoot, starting with a pre-scout to see the prettiest spots and check out lighting etc. If you board your horses, we would pre-scout the barn and arena’s etc, finding the best spot to do your portrait. We can do you and your horse, plus some of just your horse, or if you are a trainer, we can photograph you working horses in the arena etc. Prices below include all the images, again, we don’t make you choose, we give you all the images in a package. You can purchase prints on Aluminum or paper prints after you see your images, we can set you up with whatever you need  to complete your portrait session.

Equine photography most often requires the two of us, or an assistant to help move horse and rider to different locations, and to help get the horses ears up, making them look their best! We suggest the horse to be groomed right before our session, kind off like a spa treatment and portrait all in one day! We recommend leather or neutral colored bridals and halters, for the portrait. Once you book, we send a recommended clothing and accessories sheet. They are only suggestions based on our experiences with what works best.


Base Package: One horse and one person

Hour long photo-session at your home or boarding barn, all professionally edited digital files (50-75 guaranteed!). $400

Multiple horses and persons

Hour + long photo-session at your home or boarding barn, all professionally edited digital files. 

Base Package: $400 + $25 per extra person, $50 per extra horse. Add the dog for $25!!!

See the Equine Portrait Gallery here: https://delisophoto.com/border_galleries/just-horses/





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