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How long has it been since you had a family portrait? Two, four, five years +? Book your family portrait at the Historic Diamond P Ranch in West Yellowstone, MT! If you are traveling, it’s a great activity to add to your trip. If you are local, just another gem in our Montana backyard for you to enjoy, family photos on this 60+ year working horse ranch.  We can do a couple of locations in color and b&w. You can even get some hats and bandanas in town and add to the western feel of the scene! Check out the slide show gallery then fill out the form to book your date! Reasonable pricing includes all images, ready to print!

What you get: *All packages are digital and will include all images, professionally edited and put up on the cloud for easy download. Payments accepted are Prepaid Payment Link,  or swiped card in person or check. If you are doing a portrait, we can take care of payment after your portrait and before your ride. If you are doing ride only, I ask that you take care of the fee before the ride, after we say hello.  Images usually take about a week or less to edit and upload, then a link is sent to the main contact and then can be shared with other family members and friends. Both print ready files and web ready (for social media) will be on the cloud for downloads. Images will stay up on the website (Google Drive) for one month. Do download and SAVE to your hard drive within this time frame!


Ranch Portraits-click on gallery link below


 Ranch Portrait Extravaganza

$250 Base fee + add $25 per person. Includes multi ranch locations, portraits of each person and many groups. Includes a boatload of images, color and b&w, web ready and print ready files.

Ride photo add on (available with portrait purchase!)

If we are doing the early portrait slot, before your ride, or the late morning slot,  I can get your family riding in the field. You can add the ride photos for an additional $20 per person- These are action photos of each family member riding with the gorgeous Yellowstone Gap in the background!

Ride Photos ONLY! (starting at $150 + per person charge )

If you don’t want a portrait, but want ride photos with gorgeous scenery, You can book a Ride Photos Only with me. I offer a base price of $150 then $25 per person. This price covers my gas, ranch fee and shoot/edit time. For Example, a family of 4 = Base $150+$100 (4x$25)=$250…. you all can do the math!

Even if you are a family of two, you will get a boatload of images! I start with a few candids during the ride demo, then I ride out ahead of you, and get you riding in with the mountains in the background, and the Yellowstone Gap (part of the canyon) behind you as well as the evergreen trees! I will get lots of individual candids and then will attempt a group photo with you and your horses! Most of the time it works with groups 6 and under.. .when we get to 7 and up… well, I always try!

 Family Re-union group Portraits

$250 Base fee and $25 per person. Example 9 persons  10×25= $250 + base $250= $500

We spend the time it takes according to how large your family group is. For the large group shot, one location is usually enough. Then I break out into sub family groups, kids only, sisters, brothers, cousins… it’s really up to you. Lots of fun, images for a lifetime of enjoyment! Includes all images-web & print ready!Ranch High school Portrait

$425 per high school senior. Includes multi-locations on the ranch, clothing changes- closeups and full lengths, a really fun senior session includes a boatload of images-web ready & print ready!

***Use the Form below to inquire about a portrait or Ride Only photos.

This doesn’t automatically book you,  just gives me the info and I can check the dates and finalize times that work for us all. Thanks in advance! Right now Saturdays are not available till September. And I am also booked elsewhere these dates: Aug 25-27.

Include spouse, kids and kids ages.
Choose the Package you are most interested in!

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