Grizzly Trio


This grizzly trio was one of the most spectacular wildlife encounters ever! These are three of infamous Ma Grizzly 399’s four cubs! Most likely her last litter! The fourth cub was off camera napping, but myself and about 15 other lucky souls watched these three yearlings frolic, wrestle and play together in an open field of greens as Mother 399 watched. It was so special and the light was amazing to boot. After about 30 min or so, Mother griz walked off grunting at her cubs to follow and they did. I watched the five of them walk off into the woods, an amazing experience! It took 3 days in a row of getting up at 3:45Am to get into the park early enough to find these bears. My efforts paid off this time, but it doesn’t always pan out! The photography gods smiled on me that lucky morning last Spring!

This image has a custom border designed into it and comes on printed on Aluminum. The aluminum print is lightweight and comes with mounting blocks, ready to hang. No framing necessary, but you can add a frame with no glass for a more traditional look.

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