Moose Mania 3 Panel


For the moose lover! A more contemporary way to get a little more wall coverage… introducing Image Panels. You can space them as you like, customizing your image area over couch or dining table, lobby walls etc. Calf or Baby Moose in the middle, then a variety of Cow and Bull moose images on the outer panels, all framed in a textured chocolate border, which goes with most color schemes. Comes in either 3 12×24 panels or 3 16×24 panels.

The border is designed into the image to give it a finished look. This image comes printed on lightweight glossy aluminum, with mounting blocks, it is ready to hang. For a more traditional look, you can add a frame without glass.

*A single click on the image makes it larger!

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12×24, 16×30, 20×40

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